An Unlikely Sanctuary

In an unknown location within the realm of Risdoc,
buried deep below the large kingdoms of Amraes and Iveog,
laid a devilish dungeon known to a very select few.
This dungeon, however, was not one of stereotype;
the “slaves” willing,
the Mistress one of mercy,
the “Petboy” well-loved,
and the Guard Dog a mere mischievous trickster.

While slaves came and went,
a cohort of 19 stayed.
Of those 19,
a cluster of 10 formed a bond,
interacting regularly.

The Mistress: a cute Renga guinea pig.
The Petboy: a lanky Shirbt.
The Guard Dog: a fluffy Gnoer.
The senior fools migrated in clusters from other smaller lands—
a Shirbt bard,
a Gnoer soldier,
a Dehtuci guardian,
a Notsmac jester,
a Rgotu pascifist,
a Notsmac inquisitor,
and a Ngoraspi mediator.

Without hesitation,
the veterans absorbed the “little ones” into the herd,
trickling in from far away places—
a Mriaane scholar,
a Dehtuci strongman,
and a Dehtuci caretaker.
Slowly they came,
but quickly they became one with the rest.

Regardless of homeland,
native tongue,
time on Earth,
experience in life,
or flaws,
they all came together to form a group of crude,
misfit puzzle pieces that just so happened to fit comfortably together.

When one fell apart,
the others were there to catch the pieces before they shattered.
When one left,
the others called out,
letting them know they were missed and patiently awaited their return;
and upon their return,
they were welcomed home with loving insults and open arms.
When one faced hardships,
the others stood behind them to keep them on their feet.
And when one just needed encouragement,
the others were there to cheer them on.

Some found their home in this place—
something they lacked and wouldn’t have otherwise.
Others found a home away from home.
Some found a place to leave their mask at the dungeon’s gate;
expose their flaws, weaknesses, and “undesirable traits.”
Other found an escape from the harsh realities of the world above,
even if just for a short time.

This dungeon was the only one of its kind.
This dungeon was a place of spirited chatter and endearing taunts.
This dungeon was an openly friendly hidden fortress echoing with the swears of many mother tongues,
and on occasion,
deep debate.

Above all else,
this dungeon was an unlikely sanctuary—
one for those who needed safety somewhere more than anything else.

Author: JamieMakesTendies

Student pursuing a degree in psychology with a concentration in clinical psych. I enjoy writing, watching baseball, foreign languages, and being a massive nerd.

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