No Longer a Parasite?

“I’m here.”

She’s often on the receiving end of those words.
Hyperventilating and sobbing.
Vacant and unaware.
Flighty and shaking.
Deflated and listless.

“Babe, it’s okay.”

She’s often on the receiving end of those words.
Falling apart.

“Thank you.”

She’s often the one saying those words.
Finally calm.
Breathing evenly.
Cognisant, lucid.
Shakily pieced together again.

For what?

He’s often the one asking this question.
Why was he being thanked?

“For being here.”

She was often the one saying these words.
He was there.
He put up with her.
He cradled the shards in his arms.
He wiped the tears away.
He tried to help her glue herself back together.
He tried to help her keep herself together afterward.
He was always there.

“Babe, stay with me. I’m here. It’s okay.”

For once…,
she was not on the receiving end of these words.
For once,
she was trying to keep him there,
with her,
away from somewhere,
wherever the hell that may be,
in his mind.
Not alone.

With a golden poteto,
his inked beauty,
a Fin of three decades,
and a dash of salt,
he came back.
And he stayed.

Thank you for being there.

She smiled.

“Of course. I love you. I always will be.”

She now understood why.
Thank you?
Of course she was there.

She helped him.
she always had.
She kept him sane…
by being insane.

She was a parasite.

…Or maybe not…

Author: JamieMakesTendies

Student pursuing a degree in psychology with a concentration in clinical psych. I enjoy writing, watching baseball, foreign languages, and being a massive nerd.

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